Cincinnati Exotics is proud to support local families in their desire to help protect our wildlife in the area.  We offer Habitat Restoration Services.  Contact us at for more information.

In addition to our Animal Center (formerly the Wildlife Center), where you will be able to learn more about wildlife conservation, management techniques, and domestic animal care, we offer the following services:

Your donations help us continue to offer this free service.  Help us continue to help everyone keep animals safe and healthy.

Domestic Animal Rescue: This service is geared towards rescuing domestic animals.  Any domesticated animal we rescue or have surrendered to us will undergo a heath exam by a licensed Veterinarian, receive all updated vaccinations, and will be placed for adoption through the Bob and Norma Cogar Domestic Animal Center.

Wildlife Removal: Wild animal can get into your home or business very easily.  OKI Wildlife Services is our wildlife control partner and is our choice for safe, humane wildlife removal.

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Other Domestic Animal Services

  • Fish tank set up
  • Vet visit assistance
  • Relocation/Re-homing
  • Education on pet care needs and practices

For more information on these services, please send us an email at

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Wild Animal Rescue:This service is geared for aiding injured or orphaned animals that are found in and around the area.  Our trained technicians will safely and securely rescue the animal and take them to the appropriate rehab center.

​Please call us at (513)399-7283 for service.  

​If we do not immediately answer due to other calls, please leave a voicemail and one of our staff members will call you back as soon as possible.

The video on the right was an emergency rescue several years

ago.  The bird was uninjured and released according to local

and state regulations.

Conservation and Information Services:​  These services vary depending on the situation.  Conservation services may require a fee which will be discussed upon a technician's visit.  Information on wildlife in the area is available.  Contact our Conservation Department at for more information.

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513 399 7283

DOMESTIC CENTER: (513) 926-9316