Birds are a major factor in protecting the world that we call home

While we want to protect all animal species, birds are a group that are often overlooked.

These amazing creatures are one of the reasons that we have the trees that help create the air that we breathe, provide the beauty we love, and give us all something to love.  They are also the reason for much of our ability to survive: many species help to spread seeds and even pollinate plants!

Birds are also one of the largest groups of animals on our planet, with over 9,500 species that have been described by science.  Of this high number, almost half are either endangered or feared extinct.  That is why Cincinnati Exotics is here: to stop this from being the end of birds on our planet.

​Cincinnati Exotics is proud to have a highly qualified team of bird experts, with over 65 years of experience in the bird care and breeding field.  We are currently developing programs aimed at helping to prevent illegal bird trafficking as well as repopulate areas that are of special concern.

If you want to help farther than these two easy methods, donating to Cincinnati Exotics Animal Center will help fund research, conservation projects, and public education about the importance of saving birds and other animals around the world.

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How can I help protect birds?

Locally, it is actually as simple as providing bird houses and nest areas in your yard!  That is the easiest way to support local bird populations.

Other ways include one of the most famous sayings we know: 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!​​

together, we can all make a difference!

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