We offer many wild animal services including identification, wild animal rescue, and conservation based services. . Additional information is available by clicking on the button below.  We also have Wildlife Removal Services under OKI Wildlife Service.

The Wayne and Joyce Beckham Memorial Wildlife Education Center is a proud member of the team.  Dedicated to the education of the public about wildlife and their needs, this group is proud to fight for all wildlife around the world.

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It is getting to be that time of the year that adult wildlife will begin to mate and some will even have their first litters of the year!  Call us today if you would like to prevent animals from getting into your home or business!  Don't forget to check out our services page for any deals that we may have going on!

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​Anyone wishing to donate directly is encouraged to contact us at customersupport@cincyexotics.com

We are proud to support the efforts of these fine organizations who protect wildlife and the wild places they live in:

Domestic animals need help too!  Our partners in domestic care are here to help us make a difference for all animals! Visit our Services page for more information!

Cincinnati Exotics Animal Center Mission Statement

Cincinnati Exotics Animal Center's mission is to rescue and protect wild birds and care for domestic animals so they can be given a chance to thrive throughout their lifetime and give future generations of people an opportunity to enjoy them. 

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