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We began reintroducing our image and decided that the elephant didn't quite work because of our location in the world.  2008-2011

The Animal Center Idea Emerges

In 2011, we embarked on our Animal Center Mission.  We began to plan, organize, and campaign for the creation of this center.  In 2015, following a major overhaul of our design process, we began to finally see our dream on paper.

In 2011 we completed our re-branding and had come up with our slogan.  After some modifications to our core values and our mission, on April 8, 2018 we officially became Cincinnati Exotics Animal Center


From Simple Beginnings...

Cincinnati Exotics started in 2006 as a way to help local rehab professionals transport injured and orphaned wildlife from the finder to their facility.  We supplemented that service, which was free, with Nuisance Wildlife Removal.  That service was a Paid Service that helped home and business owners remove animals from their buildings that were causing problems and presented a safety risk.  

Our First Logo.  It was designed by an 8 year old boy who won our Logo Contest.  2006-2008

A Renewed Sense of Importance

We continued to plan, research, and evolve what our goals as a company were.  

In March of 2018, we began to re-imagine our direction as a company.  With the success of our friends at Nature's Nurses, we could finally devote our attention to our core cause: Helping protect bird species worldwide.

On April 8, 2018, we began to launch our new bird centered mission. 

We are currently working on building a physical property that visitors will be able to come and learn more about the animals of our world and experience them in a safe setting, while giving local birds the help they need.

While we are focused on birds and domestic animals, all animals continue to hold a special place in our hearts and minds at Cincinnati Exotics.  We will continue to champion conservation on all levels and the work of others as they continue to give all wildlife a fighting chance.

​The Logos of Cincinnati Exotics

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